Pete Davidson Targets Kanye West At Netflix Stand-Up Comedy Show

This week Pete Davidson did his first stand-up show in three years, and he didn’t shy away from the Kanye West drama.

Since Davidson’s relationship with Kim Kardashian went public, West has been vocal about his dislike for the comedian. West has been publicly harassing Davidson for months, including a music video where West seemingly beheads a caricature of Davidson.

Now reports say that West is spreading rumors that Pete Davidson has AIDS.

While opening his set at the Netflix is a Joke Festival in LA, Davidson joked he was convinced Kanye West was right when he said Davidson had AIDS because Ye “is a genius.”

Pete also talked about his friend Jack Harlow’s collaboration with West on Donda 2, stating he didn’t mind, but if his King of Staten Island costar, Bill Burr, went to Sunday Service, it would be a different story.

Davidson also joked about how life used to be, reflecting on a basketball game he went to in December 2021 with Chris Rock and Jon Stewart. Saying that was “before life was over.”

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