Shanna Moakler Says She Understands ‘Why People Are Triggered’ Admit Abuse Allegations

It’s been two months since Matthew Rondeau was arrested due to an alleged altercation with Shanna Moakler. Moakler decided to open up about what she had learned since the situation.

“I understand why people are triggered. I know people who have been in relationships where there’s been any form of abuse, whether it’s mental, verbal, emotionally, it’s very, very triggering,” the Celebrity Big Brother alum said

She continued, “I’m a mother, and I want my children, and especially my daughters, to see me as a strong woman who has self-respect and self-esteem, and I want my son to see that as well.”

Moakler had been in an on and off relationship with Rondeau, 29, since 2020. 

In February, Rondeau shared a video alleging Moakler was still obsessed with her ex-husband, Travis Barker, and that she slept at another man’s house the night before.

“So, it’s over, K? Oh lord is f–king right, so record me now because this is done,” Rondeau said in a now-deleted Instagram video. “I’m done. I’m never talking to this f–king specimen of a f–king human again. The truth is I found out that she was talking to other f–king people the whole entire time in our relationship.”

Moakler denied the allegations, and shortly after, Rondeau was arrested for felony domestic violence. According to the police report, Rondeau grabbed Moakler by her hair, threw a chair at her, and urinated on her. He only spent six hours in jail.

In March, the two were seen together in Rhode Island. But Moakler claims, “I am single. Matthew and I are not together. However, we’re remaining cordial. I think he and I have a very deep love for one another. I love him very, very much. He’s someone that I was with for two years and, you know, obviously, we had a very public incident, which was embarrassing for both of us. It’s not something either one of us are proud of.”

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