Simon Cowell Receives Prayer From Stranger As He Arrives at AGT

Simon Cowell arrived to the set of America’s Got Talent on Saturday where a fan, and stranger, approached him to offer him a prayer.

The stranger approached him, “Hey, can I ask you something.” To which, Cowell turned around to face the woman.

She continued, “Do you need prayer for anxiety, or just…”

Cowell quickly responded, “Yes, everything. Just pray, just pray for me.”

The woman grabbed his shoulder and began praying. “Father, I just pray for this man. You have an amazing plan for him father. I just pray that any pain in his body father, that it leaves him right now.”

Cowell cracked a joke afterwards saying, “Where were you two years ago?”

To which she responded, “Two years ago, I was strung out on drugs, stealing a lot, and God restored me. It’s so good.”

Cowell then raised his hand to give her a high-five before saying, “Good for you!”

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