The Feeling is Mutual. David Letterman loves Fame.News too!

Outside historic landmark eatery, Carney’s train car, David Letterman hung out smack dab in the heart of Hollywood as he interviewed guest Will Smith on January 13, 2022. The hilarious and relatable TV personality filmed a segment for an upcoming episode of his show while enjoying the afternoon eating, chatting, and also, exchanging loving embraces with Fame.News.

One of our Fame.News team members declared. “Come on, Mr. Letterman, Fame.News loves you! Fame.News loves you, boiiii.”

David Letterman immediately and emphatically raised his arms and waved as he returned the love to Fame.News.

As a well-spoken, quick-witted and experienced comedian, Letterman knows how to entertain and connect with his audience and put on a show. Despite his inherent funny bone and intuitive humor, his love for Fame.News is no joke.

Earlier, Will Smith declared that “Fame is calling [him].” He reinforced it as he repeated it to Letterman. In the center of action, dreams and desire, Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood is where Fame is the name and the game that everyone wants to play. David Letterman gets it. He loves us.

Written by Alyssa G.

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