Tom Hanks Yells At Fans To “Back The F–K Off” After Nearly Knocking His Wife Over

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were seen enjoying a trip to New York City on Wednesday, June 15, to promote his upcoming movie Elvis starring Austin Butler.

While exiting a building, a group of fans swarmed them. A couple fans shoved into the back of Wilson nearly causing her to fall over. After regaining her composure, she turns around and then yells, “Guys, stop it!”

Hanks immediately got protective during the incident and began yelling at fans. When he realized what had happened, he began yelling at the crowd. “My wife? Back the f–k off!” One fan said, “What are y’all doing?” Hanks then proceeded to yell, “Knocking over my wife?!”

Hanks looked at the crowd in anger and stood in silence for a moment to let them take in the seriousness of the incident, then turned around and continued to walk to the car while fans began apologizing.

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