Binance CEO Say He Plans To Go On Shopping Spree As Crypto Market Is Down

Many people are fearful of the market as it’s down two-thirds in six months and even 20% this week alone. But Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao thinks this is the perfect time to start buying.

“I’m not debating that it is disastrous. It is bad,” Cofounder and CEO of Biance, Changpeng Zhao, said. “But when this disaster is happening, there is also opportunity.”

He added, “Although it is painful for a lot of people, it weeds out the weak projects, and only the strong ones stay. Everyone who lasts, who survives, will be stronger.”

He also shared his visions of what the future will look like.

“Twenty years ago, what did the internet look like?” Twenty years from now, you’ll be sending money to England, Latin America, China. You won’t think about crypto, you’ll just say you paid $1 for an article written in Latin America. You’ll be in the metaverse, interacting with people, and you won’t think about the technology. It will be everywhere.”

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