‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Roger Ver Allegedly Owes CoinFLEX $47 Million

Roger Ver, known as “Bitcoin Jesus” allegedly owes a debt of $47 million in crypto to crypto exchange CoinFLEX.

Coinflex recently froze withdrawals and launched a new token to raise funds to cover debts by an unknown entity. The exchange explained one user had “negative equity” but was a “high-integrity person of significant means” who was “experiencing temporary liquidity issues.”

On Tuesday, Ver responded to the gossip, denying everything and even saying that CoinFLEX owes him money.

“Recently, some rumors have been spreading that I have defaulted on a debt to a counter-party,” Ver tweeted. “These rumors are false. Not only do I not have a debt to this counter-party, but this counter-party owes me a substantial sum of money, and I am currently seeking the return of my funds.”

After his tweet, CoinFLEX CEO Mark Lamb went to Twitter to respond, saying, “Roger Ver owes CoinFLEX $47 Million USDC. We have a written contract with him obligating him to personally guarantee any negative equity on his CoinFLEX account and top up margin regularly. He has been in default of this agreement and we have served a notice of default.”

“He is denying that the debt pertains to him and so we felt the need to clarify to the public that yes—the debt is 100% related to his account,” he added. “Roger Ver a citizen of the European Union who we believe has significant assets in the US, UK and other relevant jurisdictions.”

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