Elon Musk Announces SpaceX Will Accept Payment In Dogecoin

Dogecoin is up over 13% on Tuesday after Elon Musk tweeted he will “keep supporting.” Today, he said that SpaceX would accept Dogecoin for merchandise, following Telsa’s decision to accept the coin in January.

Musk previously said he bought dogecoin because, “I just know a lot of people who are not that wealthy who, you know, have encouraged me to buy and support Dogecoin. I’m responding to those people and just people that, when I’ve walked around the factory at SpaceX or Tesla, they’ve asked me to support Dogecoin, so I’m doing so.”

“Tesla accepts Dogecoin for some merchandise and SpaceX will do the same,” he continued.

Crypto has taken a beating in 2022 and Elon Musk wants to clarify, “I have never said that people should invest in crypto.”

“In the case of Tesla, SpaceX, myself — you know, SpaceX and Tesla, for example, all did buy some Bitcoin, but it’s a small percentage of our total cash and near-cash assets. So, you know, not all that significant.”

Dogecoin’s co-creator Billy Markus went to Twitter to share his feelings that he wished the coin could be used “for something.” Musk responded, “Tesla and SpaceX merch, maybe more down the road.”

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