Influencer Natalie Arabian Explains Why She Sold All Her Bitcoin

Influencer Natalie Arabian opened up about her crypto portfolio.

Arabian originally bought Bitcoin at $6,700 and Ethereum at $173. Then for two months, she purchased over 200 ETH for an average cost of under $300.

“The amount of money I started making was unlike anything that I could’ve made after college, and it got to the point where the opportunity cost of studying and being in school was just too great to ignore,” Arabian said.

Although she got into Bitcoin early, she now says it’s no longer in her portfolio.

“The more I found out about Ethereum’s smart-contract capabilities, I eventually stopped investing in Bitcoin and solely focused on Ether,” she said. “I got very lucky early on investing in some other tokens, but I’m a big advocate for just sticking with Ethereum since most people get burned on other tokens.”

Arabian believes Ethereum is superior and a strong bet for investors. The coin is also becoming a deflationary asset as tokens are taken out of circulation.

“It has a first-mover advantage in the crypto space — it was early and has had time to establish its technology and product.”

Arabian aims to be an advocate for women to enter the crypto market. Her best advice for people interested in the space is, “The most money I’ve made by far is just from sitting on my Ether and not doing anything else. That’s my biggest advice. Just sit on Ether.”

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