Robinhood’s Previous COO Christine Brown Launches NFT Venture

Christine Brown was Robinhood’s first COO, Christine Brown left the company in March. Now, she is “starting a crypto venture.”

Her new venture is called Floor. It’s an NFT portfolio tracking platform that just raised $8 million in funding. It solves the problem of being able to track your NFTs price over time.

In an interview with Decrypt, Brown says, “You have to open up a tab on a marketplace to understand how it’s doing long term. The second that you start doing this for more than one at a time, and let’s say you’re investing across multiple entities and multiple collections, it becomes impossible to wrangle and to actually understand what is happening.”

“So my co-founder Chris Maddern… launched an app last year that does it and does it beautifully. You open up the app, enter your wallet address, and you can see your portfolio of NFTs, their value over time, what’s happening in that collection, and you get interesting and really unique insights into the data around it. And it just makes you a smarter, more connected human with the tokens that you’re purchasing. We’re seeing users open this app multiple times a day and telling us it’s like the first thing when they roll out of bed, they want to see what’s going on.”

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