Snoop Dogg Shares His Thoughts On Crypto Winter and Future of NFTs

Snoop Dogg is one of the most prominent celebrity figures in the crypto and NFT space. He was an early adopter with investments in fintech company Robinhood.

At the beginning of this year, Snoop announced he would turn Death Row Records into an “NFT label.” Soon after, he launched his first NFT collection called “Journey of the Dogg” where one NFT sold for over $100,000.

At last week’s NFT.NYC Conference in New York City, Snoop Dogg spoke about the future of NFTS.

“I know [NFTs] have a great opportunity to be big in music, because sooner or later, the labels are going to have to come on in. They’re going to have to come on home and sit at the table and understand that catalogs and things they hold onto are better served on the blockchain than sitting in the catalog collecting cobwebs.”

His son, Cordell Broadus, also chimed in, saying, “And it’s not just labels. It’s movie studios, it’s tech companies, it’s beverage companies. Everybody’s rushing to Web3, and they see how big Dogg is in the space.”

When it comes to the “crypto winter,” Snoop Dogg also had a lot to say.

“I feel like every great industry has a downfall. There’s been a depression in every industry you can look at … alcohol, tobacco, clothing, food; every industry you can imagine.”

“This [crypto winter] weeded out all the people who weren’t supposed to be in the space and who were abusing the opportunities that were there. Now it’s going to bring on great business, and moving forward, when the market comes back, there will only be great things to pick and choose from.

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