Terminal 27 Is Los Angeles’ Crypto Clubhouse For Influencers

Crypto is taking over Los Angeles!

Each year, influencers have been getting more interested in crypto, especially in Los Angeles after the Staples Center renamed its Arena to Crypto.com.

Last year, Mason Rothschild and Ericka del Rosario, romantic partners and business partners, had a launch party for Terminal 27, deemed one of the best fashion boutiques in America by Vogue. During their launch party they also debuted their own NFT project.

Their goal is to host events that introduce people to web3. Influencers like Luka Sabbat have helped the couple transform their fashion boutique into a clubhouse for influencers to participate in crypto.

“It’s getting them in one place, interacting with them, telling them about our plans, telling them to come to the next thing and showing them what we’re all about,” said Rothschild.

Timothée Chalamet, A$AP Nast, Yves Tumor, Leonardo Dicaprio, Willow Smith, and The Weeknd were all in attendance at their launch party.

“This is the upper echelon of NFT parties with the who’s who of the city’s young creative scene,” said Stephanie Ramos, Nike marketing director, while arriving to the event.

Rothschild said crypto is birthing the new wave of influencers. “We’re the new influencers. It’s not the Instagram girl anymore.”

“For certain people, being able to spend $100,000 on a jpeg is a flex. Then to sell it for $200,000 or $500,000 is another flex,” commented Editor-In-Chief of Office Magazine, Simon Rasmussen.

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