The 11 Most Shocking Celebrity NFT Ventures Of All Time

A couple of years ago, NFTs rose to the surface. Since 2021, NFT trading has increased to over a $17 billion industry, according to a report by, and it isn’t stopping anytime soon.

With digital art and assets becoming ever more popular, celebrities quickly got their hands into the pot. However, it seems many stars are just doing anything to make a quick buck. Below are the top 11 most ridiculous celebrity NFT ventures of all time.

11. Grimes

Grimes has to be on the list when it comes to controversial celebrity NFT projects. The “I never said I was a communist” artist released a series of digital art paired with original music and videos in March 2021, which generated almost $6 million in sales.

10. Snoop Dogg

It’s not surprising that Snoop Dogg dropped his own NFTs. He is known to be about his money and will agree to almost any deal. In 2021, the rapper launched his “A Journey with the Dogg” NFT, which showcased a collection of personal and career memories. The silver lining is that a portion of the sales benefited his Youth Football League.

9. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan decided to hop on the hype train by releasing her first single in years as an NFT. She couldn’t keep her acting career going, so naturally, it was time to move into the crypto space. Shortly after she decided to make her own “fursonas” NFT, and let’s just say the furry community wasn’t pleased about it.

8. Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes’ life choices are always perplexing. To accompany his album Wonder, he launched a collection of NFTs that were virtual versions of his favorite accessories, like his Fender guitar, gold ring, and embellished tour vest. Thanks, Shawn. Luckily, he claimed all the proceeds were donated to the Shawn Mendes Foundation “for digital artists & changemakers.”

7. Paris Hilton

We all love Paris Hilton. She’s a business mogul. She’s also a social media queen who is now self-dubbed as the Crypto Queen. In 2021, Paris Hilton launched her “Iconic Crypto Queen” NFT and simultaneously changed her Twitter display name to “ParisHilton.eth.” The collection features pink animals, clouds, and other party girl assets. We give her an A+ for staying on-brand.

6. Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi was one of the most unsuspecting lads to join the NFT space. What we all know and love from this Scottish singer is music and memes. Instead, we got digital trading cards. When he took a break from social media to focus on music, no one thought he would come back with NFTs. We’re still waiting on that album, Lewis.

5. Liam Payne

From boy band to fake sex tape to NFT extraordinaire, Liam Payne does it all. He dropped his “Lonely Bug” NFT in collaboration with Zedd and Sillygabe. The NFTs included original 3D art and a VIP fan experience. He got so into it that he started a dedicated NFT and crypto Twitter account. Now he’s even a member of the “World of Women” NFT collection.

4. Stan Lee’s posthumous NFTs

There’s not much to say here, other than, “what?” The estate of Stan Lee is trying to cash in!

3.The Kooks

British indie-pop band, The Kooks, decided to launch an NFT series in 2022 to celebrate the anniversary of their debut album. It’s been a while since their rise to fame, so we’ll let this slide because they might really need the money. They also acknowledged the environmental impact of crypto-mining, so that’s decent.

2. Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk is a beloved member of the skateboarding community and a pretty great dad too, but the internet tore him to shreds when he decided to drop his NFT project in December 2021. The collection consists of 16,600 animated NFTs of his most unique tricks. 

What did people have to say about it? One Twitter user tells all: “Finding out tony hawk is doing an NFT from a Tumblr meme might be one of the most disappointing experiences I’ve had in the last five years.”

1. Brie Larson

While Brie Larson hasn’t yet launched her own NFT collection, she’s clearly walking a line fine and could fall off at any moment. When she’s not training for Marvel movies, she’s hanging out in the Metaverse. Can a friend reach out before it’s too late?

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