The UFC Will Start Paying Fighters Bonuses In Cryptocurrency

Crypto is continuing to get involved in every industry. Now it’s taking the reins in major sports leagues. The UFC just announced a new bonus for its competitors that comes in the form of cryptocurrency.

The new bonus will award Bitcoin payouts to the top three fighters of every pay-per-view event and will be decided by fan votes. The prize will be a $60,000 split between the winners.

The UFC is not halting its traditional cash bonuses. It is just adding an additional bonus for competitors.

Several crypto platforms have spent hundreds of millions to sponsor sports leagues over the past year.

The UFC signed a 10-year, $175 million sponsorship agreement with last year. also has sponsor arrangements with the FIFA World Cup and Formula 1.

All bonus transactions will be made via, with the fighters being be paid in Bitcoin at a fixed dollar amount. These crypto prizes will officially be in effect on Saturday at the mixed-martial-arts promotion’s upcoming event in Jacksonville, Florida.

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