Adam22 & FlyySoulja Get Into Instagram Argument: “You Inbred F-ck”

Hip Hop commentator Adam22 and Island Boys’ star FlyySoulja got into a heated argument.

FlyySoulja went into Adam22’s DMs are he heard something foul said by Adam on a podcast.

“Don’t talk about me if you don’t got nothing nice to say,” the message said. “And you said I’m clueless.”

“Have you seen how I’m built I actually work out go to the gym you know?” He continued.

Adam responded with confusion, saying, “Huh.” Then continuing, “1) I will whoop the dog sh-t out of you and make you look like a child and 2) what I say.”

FlyySoulja then sent a voice memo which prompted Adam22 to reply, “You gotta be kidding me. You ain’t made enough cameo money to fight me. You gotta fight house phone.”

FlySoulja continued to send voice memos, but Adam22 wasn’t having it.

“Not sure what I said that made you upset but stop acting tough you are a b-tch FACT… Not listening to those. Learn to type you inbred f-ck.”

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