Addison Rae Gets Candid, Says She Doesn’t Recognize Herself Anymore

Addison Rae, the 21-year old TikTok sensation, opened up about how she barely recognizes herself anymore.

In her recent interview with Elle, Rae says she has changed a lot over the last few years. “Looking at pictures of myself from two years ago, I’m like.. I don’t know her,” she said.

“I’ve grown into my style a lot the past few years, and as I’m getting older and experiencing more of life and different people, I’m discovering more things that I like and that inspire me.”

Rae also talked about becoming more comfortable in her own skin and with her body.

“I feel really comfortable with myself and my body now, but that’s obviously something I’ve had to work on and learn how to do. Because it’s really hard to love the things about yourself that maybe people don’t want you to love.”

“Learning how to style my body type and understanding what looks good and feels good on me has been a big thing. Every body is so different, so something that looks great on someone else might not look the same on me. And that’s fine. It’s about finding things you love, but in a way that makes you feel the most confident – and making it your own.”

When it comes to inspiration, Angelina Jolie is her go-to, along with a couple others.

“One of my favourite people in the world is Angelina Jolie. I love her so much, everything she does – if I met her in real life I just wouldn’t know what to say. She’s so enticing and mysterious.”

“Monica Bellucci has also been a really big style influence for me recently. I love her classic looks. Classy, but a little bit edgy. And Kate Moss, obviously, even though our body types are a little different.”

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