Bryce Hall and Faith Ordway’s “He said, She said” Hot Tub Streaming Make-Out Debacle


I’m done talking about this now

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The back and forth battle between the two stars boils down to a sizzling hot tub kiss, or lack thereof. In fact, it is all about the mention of forcing a kiss for the clout that is being debated. On a recent Twitch stream, Bryce Hall wanted Faith Ordway to kiss him while in the hot tub. Faith Ordway expressed she did not want to do anything seemingly sexual as she did not want to monetize or give off that impression to viewers. Bryce allegedly told her that any girls who kiss him receive fame, views, and follower engagement, while continuing to encourage her participation. Faith felt cornered and did not want anything to do with continuing moving forward; however, to ease the mood she did end up kissing him on the cheek. Faith claims that after doing so, he kept poking and prodding her, calling her a “pussy.” Now, both are taking to their social media to say their sides. Faith has outwardly expressed that the hot tub stream was one of lack of consent, and is calling Bryce out. Bryce is hitting back as he tries to deflect these claims. He said, she said, but who is saying the truth? You decide.

Bryce Hall

this proves pretty much everything, anything i missed due to 3 minute limit will be talked about on the podcast

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Written by Alyssa G.

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