Bryce Hall Is Suing Drunk Driver Who Totaled His Car: “We Could Have Died”

On Sunday, Bryce Hall’s Tesla was hit by a drunk driver allegedly going 40mph. Law enforcement said the suspect blew double the legal limit and was arrested with a DUI.

There were no serious injuries after the accident, but police confirmed airbags were deployed in the Tesla and were towed away.

Hall posted a photo of his car after being hit, showing the Tesla totaled. He later published a YouTube video discussing the incident and revealing he is pressing charges.

“I wasn’t even gonna take it to legal,” he said. “I was gonna give him the benefit of the doubt and just kinda make his insurance pay for a new car for me.”

“Then, him and his little f–king passengers had the audacity to say it was my fault, and that they were gonna lawyer up. We’ll see you in court, buddy.”

Hall then urged people to not drive drunk and added, “We could have died.”

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