Desi Perkins Takes Family Trip To Tuscany Before Birth Of Second Baby

Beauty influencer Desi Perkins headed to Italy with her husband and first child. The family is currently expecting their second child after having years of fertility issues.

Once arriving in Italy, the influencer took to Instagram to share their first moments with a series of photos.

“Nothing like a good jet lag nap! We touched down in Italy and have had the best day followed by a family nap,” she wrote.

Adding, “This was our first super long flight with Ocean and I was so nervous but luckily he slept on both flights. I was also wondering how the time change would affect him but it’s not as bad as I thought. Off schedule for sure but I thinking booking the red eye flight really helped.”

The couple announced their second pregnancy on March 8 through an Instagral Reel of the family in their garden with the caption, “Here we grow again 🌱🤰🏽. We are adding another set of hands to the Perkins produce farm this year.”

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