Exclusive: Jake Paul Says De La Hoya’s Right, “I Can Beat Up World Champs!”

The 25-year-old internet sensation Jake Paul hasn’t been in the ring since December when he beat Tyron Woodley via knockout. Although, the star is confident in his abilities. He recently added six people to his short-list for who he could fight in August.

Paul wants to fight Floyd Mayweather, Oscar De La Hoya, Anderson Silva, Michael Bisping, Tommy Fury, or Sonny-Bill Williams.

Oscar De La Hoya recently stood up for Paul when he said he could beat good to great boxing champions.

Paul gave FAME an exclusive response to De La Hoya.

“Yeah, it’s dope, man. And you know, he’s one of my inspirations. I watch a lot of his fights and love the way he fights. I try and implement his style into the way that I fight. And so to hear that from him is, you know, it means a lot. But he’s right, and I’ve been saying it all along. Like I sound so cocky, ‘he’s right,’ but it’s true, man. I beat world champions in the gym and sparring. Two years as a professional, and I’m already doing that. It’s clearly a natural talent that I have, a natural power that I have. And I work my ass off, and people don’t really see that. They think I just go in there, but I’m day in and day out. Twice a day, three times a day, in the gym, you know, working at getting better in this sport. So, just, it is awesome to hear that, and I’m going to prove that I can beat world champions on the big stage.”

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