First Pictures of the Alleged “TikTok Cult” Pastor Surface

Shekinah Church founder Robert Shinn, 63, has been accused of running a cult by recruiting TikTok stars through his company 7M Films and then brainwashing them.

He denies the allegations, stating they are “wildly offensive and riddled with inaccuracies.”

Shinn and his son live in a 5,200 sq ft Studio City home used for a variety of TikTok videos.

Most notably, the church was accused of kidnapping and brainwashing Miranda Derrick, a TikToker who has 785K followers on the platform and another 1.2 million on Instagram.

Her sister, Melanie, and parents, Dean and Kelly Wilking, posted a video on Instagram to accuse the church of being the cult that kidnapped Miranda in recent weeks.

“They are not in control of their lives— someone else is controlling their lives, and they’re all victims of this,” they claimed in the video.

Melanie claims she briefly became involved with the church but was not invited back after missing one religious service.

Former church member Lydia Chung previously sued Shinn in 2009 for allegedly cutting her off from her family, brainwashing her, and defrauding her out of almost $4million. The lawsuit alleged, “Defendants exerted undue influence, mind control, coercive persuasion, oppression and other intimidating tactics in the name of ‘opening up and being honest to God’ to cause plaintiff, Lydia Chung, to reveal and give them control over all of her personal financial information.” 

Shinn, and the other defendants, were able to walk away from that trial victorious.

Shinn was seen leaving a gym in Burbank last week. He drove a Bentley SUV and then attended a lunch in Woodland Hills with his wife Hannah and two other women.

The Sun obtained these images, and when they approached him, he declined to comment.

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