Floyd Mayweather Calls Logan Paul A Clout Chaser, Wants Rematch

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul faced off in an exhibition fight in June 2021, where no winner was crowned. Since then, Paul has been vocal about still not being paid for the fight. Despite that, he has also been vocal about wanting a rematch.

Mayweather, while in Japan on June 14, announced his next fight and admitted to wanting a rematch with Paul.

“Logan Paul is the same guy that said he didn’t get paid but someone from his team, the guy who actually put that exhibition on reached out to us and said that Logan Paul wanted to do another exhibition,” he said.

“This is the same guy that said he didn’t get paid. So, you guys have got to start watching these certain individuals, clout chasing. You see these guys constantly bringing up Floyd Mayweather’s name when they’re just trying to get clout. I don’t know who it was exactly who reached out, but he (Floyd’s camp) told me this the day before yesterday.”

Now that Floyd has publicly called Paul a clout chaser, it’s only a matter of time before Logan Paul has something to say.

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