Influencer Caroline Calloway owes 40K in unpaid rent

Caroline Calloway, the influencer with 663K Instagram followers known for plagiarizing captions and scamming people into buying writing workshops, is back at it. Her most recent controversy stems from unpaid rent.

The influencer just moved from New York to Florida after throwing several going-away parties documented by Curbed. She dished to the platform that she wanted to escape the “clout-chasing” and focus on writing her memoir.

Last Thursday, a Supreme Court filing puts Calloway $40,000 in debt for unpaid rent. The influencer lived at 205 West 15th Street for ten years. The complaint states that last year she extended her lease again to August 31st, 2022. But Calloway decided to leave early, and on March 1st, she vacated the apartment. 

Curb reported that instead of exiting the lease, she handed the keys to her friends, who moved in a few days later. The company that owns the building says they did not approve a sublet.

The complaint alleges that Calloway hasn’t paid rent since September 2020 and that the statewide eviction moratorium helped her escape housing court. The owner is requesting monetary damages of no less than $25,000.

As of now, Caroline Calloway has deleted all of her Instagram posts, but her bio states “Pre-order my very real book, AND WE WERE LIKE,” indicating fans might believe it’s just another scam.

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