Influencer Claps Back After Fans Call Her Wedding “Tacky”

YouTube star Alex Pierce, best known for her successful jewelry brand HRH Collection, was trolled viciously after sharing photos from her wedding.

Most notably, fans pointed out she wore a recycled Zara dress at the reception, which was held in the parking lot of Hitching Post Bar and Grill in Buellton, California.

The reception had minimal decorations, and guests enjoyed steak, garlic bread, quesadillas, and other items from the bar’s menu.

The criticism occurred after the influencer decided to live stream the wedding on Instagram. Fans quickly began bashing the wedding, calling it “the tackiest wedding ever.”

One user commented, “You had a trailer park wedding!” Another wrote, “I just know the reception stank.” One critic even created merchandise that mocked the wedding.

This week, Pierce went to Youtube to repond to the critics in a 32-minute video.

“Do you think I didn’t know what my wedding was gonna be like? Like, I didn’t plan my wedding?” she said. “I don’t like big to-dos. I’m the least to-do person ever. Because I’m an influencer, you expect me, and you think I have money or whatever, you expect me to do these big to-dos.”

She continued, “B—h, I could fly to the f–king Maldives with every damn f–king person in my damn family and pay for everyone and not have it impact me at all, you f–king idiot.”

“What are you stupid? You guys think I’m poor? This is what’s annoying. This wedding is not based on anything other than we love each other and we wanted to do what we like to do. We wanted to keep it casual and mellow.”

Check out her 32-minute rant below.

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