Influencer Danae Mercer Opens Up About Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage

Influencer Danae Mercer was open and honest with fans during her miscarriage. On Sunday, she shared an update about her current pregnancy and shared an emotional video with her 2.4 million fans in which she shared a compilation of footage from her pregnancy journey.

The footage shows intimate moments from when she lost her baby to getting news about the new pregnancy. The video also had text on the screen that read, “when you lose one baby, but then learn that sometimes the rain brings rainbows.”

In the caption, she revealed her due date.

“We had a big scan yesterday. 11 weeks, I thought. 12 weeks, the doctors decided – after checking and checking and checking again, measuring from top to bottom, side to side. 12 weeks. It took nearly an hour; they wanted to be sure. Our new due date? December 31st.”

Mercer also expressed she’s afraid but hopeful.

“I don’t know how it’s possible — I thought I was tracking my periods well. But they’ve been irregular ever since the miscarriage. And I guess this lil bean didn’t want to wait. Yesterday I did blood tests to make sure I’m healthy, the baby’s healthy. We won’t have the results for a few weeks. So there’s still fear. What if and what if and what if something is wrong? But today, I’m reminding myself of joy. Of sunshine and rainbows that follow the rain.”

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