Influencer David Dobrik Gets Called Out For Bored Bunny NFT Scam

NFTs and cryptocurrency continue to rise in popularity, with projects like Bored Ape dominating the market. The problem with the space is when influencers are paid to promote projects and scam their audiences by quickly hyping up NFTs that lose their value even faster.

Influencer and YouTuber David Dobrik is the most recent scammer who got caught. In an Instagram story, Dobrik began to promote a project known as Bored Bunny, similar to the famous project Bored Ape.

The project was introducted initially in December 2021. However, Dobrik wasn’t the only influencer promoting it. Influencers including Chantel Jeffries and boxer Floyd Mayweather also got involved. The problem with Dobrik is that his audience is young and impressionable.

Bored Bunny sold nearly 5000 mint NFTs for 0.4 ETH ($1303.60) and promised buyers that the token would be 5-10x in value. According to Twitter user @zachxbt, Bored Bunny sold $7.5 million worth of NFTs in under an hour.

@Zachxbt shared a tweet that pointed out all the red flags that Bored Bunny showed, including randomly banning people, celebrities promoting the project who are not familiar with NFTs, and too many promises.

After the initial sale, the value of the NFT dropped from 0.4 to 0.059 ($192.28) ETH. People lost millions of dollars while the team made $21 million.

Since then, influencer Faze Banks called out Dobrik after revealing he was offered $500-$700K to promote the NFT project but declined.

Influencers promoting scam NFTs projects is nothing new. Fans should always be cautious when they see this happening. People need to do their research as any NFT project an influencer promotes can be a scam and lose its value.

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