Influencer Exposes The Deceptive Nature Of Instagram Photography

Influencer Georgie Clarke has been trending lately after her series of images on Instagram went viral. The social media star has nearly 700K followers on Instagram and reminds her audience that not everything is what it seems.

Clarke shares sides by side images in the same outfit, but one shows a model look and the other offers a natural look.

While on her page and seeing each side-by-side image, it becomes apparent that influencers, models, and celebrities can easily trick the eye with different techniques to find the best angle.

In one of her posts, the influencer shares the correlation between mental and physical health.

“It’s no secret that in the past my mental health has affected my physical appearance and how I felt about myself. When I used to mentally struggle, my body would be punished as a result. I didn’t take care of myself and I was so critical of myself and how I looked.”

“This was a vicious cycle I dealt with for years without ever getting help or addressing the root of the problems which were happening in my head.”

Clarke shares the message that “We are all human and learning self-love is a hard yet rewarding journey.”

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