Influencer Jaclyn Hill Said She Had A ‘Humiliating’ Experience With Amber Heard

Beauty YouTuber Jaclyn Hill recalled an incident when she met Amber Heard at a restaurant.

Hill went to TikTok on April 27 to detail the event and how Heard’s security guard removed her from the restaurant.

The incident happened “a couple years ago,” according to Hill. In the video, Hill said she was dining with a group of friends at Nobu when she noticed Heard was sitting at the table next to her. She recognized Heard from her role in the movie “Alpha Dog.”

“We were making eye contact every three to five minutes and it was so awkward, and I was like, ‘Why does she keep looking at me? Why do I keep looking at her?'” Hill explained.

Hill then added that she decided to tell Heard she thought she was “really beautiful after paying the bill.” They were having a brief conversation when Heard’s security guard “physically grabs my arm, grabs me, and says, ‘ma’am come with me.'” Hill explained how the security guard pulled her to the front of the restaurant and said, “You need to leave. You are not allowed to speak to her.”

The YouTuber said the incident was “the most awkward moment of my life” and said it was “humiliating.”

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