Influencer Mikaela Testa Called Out For Culturally Inappropriate Outfit

TikTok star Mikaela Testa sparked controversy over her travel etiquette while visiting Cocos. 

She shared a video explaining the situation to her million-plus followers.

“So I landed in Cocos yesterday, and the lady who owns the Airbnb that we’re staying in received some calls from some locals saying that I should be wearing something more culturally appropriate because this island is predominately Muslim,” the TikTok star said.

“So today, I am covering up to show some respect, and I respect their wishes 100 percent.”

In the video, the stars wardrobe change shows her wearing a headscarf and long dress, although the dress does have cut-outs along the midriff.

Cocos Island is part of the Australian territory, where the population mainly consists of those who practice Sunni Islam. 

Although Testa adopted the locals’ more conservative style, people in the comments are still divided on the issue.

Some praised the star saying, “I’m Muslim and thought it was really respectful of her to cover up the best she can!” While others disapproved, stating, “If that’s respectful in your book, then maybe reevaluate.” People also pointed out the dress, with one commenter posting, “Asked to cover up, wears a cut out dress.”

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