Influencer Nikita Dragun Accused Of Stealing Product From Small Business

Scandal Beauty, a small business, is accusing influencer Nikita Dragun of copying their product. Dragun went as far as to name her product “Scandal Press-Ons.”

The business made a video and posted it to TikTok to compare the two sets of nails. The voiceover said, “We heard there are some new scandal nails on the market. Oh, how interesting. She actually placed an order from us not too long ago.”

They also included a screenshot showing Nikita Dragun purchasing their products only eight months prior.

The company then compared the two sets of nails with striking differences in quality, including the sizes, color, quality, and strength.

The company then joked, “We can’t wait to see her rocking these on the red carpet.”

The video already has 250,000 likes and 1.3 million views since it was shared to the platform.

TikTok users are chiming in the conversation. One person wrote, “yours looks 100% better.” Another commentator said, “Not Nikita getting dragged.”

One other user said, “Maaaybe she could’ve gotten away with it cuz it’s just a simple black french, but the fact she ordered and named it the same is a dead giveaway.”

Nikita has yet to comment on the accusations.

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