Influencer Olivia Ponton Opens Up About Being Pansexual For Pride Month

The influencer, born and raised in Naples, Florida, rose to stardom in 2020 after signing to Wilhelmina Models. Now, just 19 years old, she has over 11 million followers across social media.

One year ago, during Pride Month, Ponton revealed she was pansexual. Now, she’s opening back up to tell the world about her life over the past year.

“In the past year, my mental health has prospered. I am finally comfortable with myself and my sexuality which is what led me to find out I was pansexual. A lot of experimenting happened! Good and bad things came out of it, but I am so genuinely happy that I have gotten to a place where I can love whoever I want and love myself. Being in the closet is the hardest thing for your mental health. Constantly closing the door on that part of your brain gets mentally draining after a while. I am so blessed that I have reached a place where I am accepting of myself.”

She added, “I want to be the voice for people who don’t necessarily have one. I love educating people about things in the LGBTQ+ community. I think a lot of the miscommunication is a lack of education and if I can help in any way shape or form… sign me up.”

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