Influencer Sarah Landry Shares Powerful Message About “Ever-Changing” Bodies

Influencer Sarah Nicole Landry loves her “ever-changing” body.

On Friday, Landry wrote a moving body-positivity message for her 2.2 million followers on Instagram.

She shared the message along with a series of photos wearing a bikini.

“It fascinates me. Truly. That I bought into an idea — an empty promise, if I’m being honest — that happiness came from changing my body,” she wrote. “I changed it so much, chasing that joy. Imagine the shock when it just didn’t meet me there.”

The influencer is now a mother of four and confidently showing off her natural, unedited body, complete with stretch marks, curves, and cellulite.

Fans quickly went to the comments section to support. One fan said, “You are so brilliant in everything you write. You literally save lives.” Another wrote, “You are a wordsmith and a warrior.”

Other fans got more personal in their responses, “I have hated my body since I was a teenager. Having kids young left me with stretch marks and a not-so-flat stomach. You have truly helped me to learn to love the skin I’m in.”

As she continued writing the caption, Landry said loving your body isn’t easy, but it does take a shift in mindset.

“My joy is not limited by my body, but I can live joyfully in my body,” she said.

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