Jake Paul, Crypto Predictor?

Crypto might be new to most of us but to the Elite like the Facebook twins and a few celebrities and influencers it was an investment of a lifetime.

Even as a kid, influencer, boxer and self made Millionaire, Jake Paul was trying out new ventures. Throughout his career, Paul has become the subject of many controversies due to his behavior. From throwing wild parties to engaging in risky stunts to become a well known boxer going against some of the toughest in the field. But who ever took him for a finance guy? According to FOX Business, 16 year-old Jake Paul did…that’s who. This influencer was making investments as a kid which is why we are covering his story today.

Paul admits he didn’t invest much as a teenager but dabbled in Bitcoin. He goes on to say,

“I’ve always been involved in crypto, big into Ethereum, B&B… I’m a long-term holder… it’s like in the retirement fund”

If you think the only thing influencers know how to do is make up a dance or play video games on You Tube… think again. You might learn a thing or two by following influencers. I might be going out today and investing in Crypto. Thanks Jake!

Written by Ophelia Soumekh

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