Jeffree Star Faces Backlash For Selling Yak Meat From His Wyoming Ranch

Jeffree Star is facing backlash again.

Last year, Star moved from Los Angeles to Wyoming, where he bought a 500-acre ranch with 40 yaks.

His newest venture is Star Yak Ranch, where he sells products including natural yak fibers, clothing and breeding services, and yak meat for human and pet consumption.

Fans quickly called him out after remembering he had referred to his yaks as his pets and even given them names.

What’s worse is his beauty brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, is a vegan company.

Star responded to the backlash in a Twitter thread starting with people being “concerned about me supplying my local community with food.”

“I’ve donated over 1000 pounds of meat to shelters,” he said before saying “stop using the same regurgitated quote from last year when I said ‘all of my yaks are pets.'” Star continued by saying he “learned how healthy #yak meat is” and “started to appreciate learning where my food comes from.”

“When I stopped eating fast food & started to care about my body more, I realized I wanted to take what I was doing to a different avenue as well, and it’s been a beautiful experience. Not eating horrible meat from farmers that give animals growth hormones & disgusting additives, I see no conflict.”

Star also made it clear that while he “chose to create a cosmetics line that doesn’t torture and test on animals,” he “never claimed to be vegan.”

“People are literally making up their own narratives. ‘You’re slaughtering Swiss Chocolate and Buster.’ No, they’re actually right here grazing on the grass and I can’t wait for their semen to impregnate a lot of the girls and have amazing babies.”

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