LAPD investigate the Alleged Assault against Trans Influencer Demi Martinez

On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Police Department announced that they are investigating an allegation that YouTube star Denzel Dion attacked trans influencer Demi Martinez last week.

According to Rosie Cervantes, a spokesperson for the LAPD, Martinez filed a police report accusing Dion of attacking her last Thursday after a party in the Hollywood Hills.

Martinez, known to her fans as La Demi, has over 300,000 Instagram followers. She is a transgender woman known for beauty, makeup, and her transition. Martinez posted to Instagram last Thursday saying she had been the victim of a hate crime and named Dion as the attacker.

Dion, a YouTube creator with over 1 million subscribers known for his celebrity fashion critiques, denied the allegations. Meta recently invited Dion to attend and create the Academy Awards this past Sunday.

On Thursday, Martinez posted pictures to Instagram of her injuries attributed to the assault. The photos show bruising around her face and eyes and cuts on her legs.

Dion went to Twitter to deny the allegation later that day, writing he was “heartbroken and deeply saddened” by the allegations.

Dion said he assumes the allegations are “the result of mistaken identity.” Still, Martinez insists it was him. She responded to Dion via Instagram, saying he has a “distinct look.”

Martinez said Dion used anti-trans slurs and threatened to beat her up.

In an interview with NBC, the influencer discussed what happened, “I said ‘Go ahead, do it.’ Sure enough, he swung and knocked me out, and I fell onto the steps, and I remember grabbing the railing, trying to catch my balance, and it was just blow after blow to my head.”

Other high-profile trans creators, including Nikita Dragun, have posted in support of Martinez and are urging witnesses to come forward.

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