Larray Throws Shade At the Hype House on Noah Beck’s Youtube

Social media stars, Larray and Noah Beck, posted a “tell-all” Youtube video about Netflix’s Hype House reality show. As viewers have tuned in, a lot of drama has unfolded on and off screen. In the casual yet interview-like video, Larray holds nothing back as he shades the production of Hype House. The interviewer asked both Noah and Larray, “Would you rather be in another season of the reality tv show, referring to the Netflix Hype House Show, or never be in another tv show again?” Larray quickly and decisively responded, “I would rather never be on a tv show again… ever. I don’t even want to look at another camera. Break this camera, break this camera. I don’t care to be in drama, especially for a show.” This all made sense with the context of the drama that unfolded on the Hype House show. 

Larray has since distanced himself from the Hype House and has gone as far as to unfollow Thomas Petrou, Hype House co-founder. Lines have been drawn, and we shall see who throws the next stone. 

Written by Andrew

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