Logan Paul And KSI Promote PRIME Energy Drink In The UK

Logan Paul is visiting the UK to promote a new energy drink called Prime. While in London, he got the crowd roaring as he rode on top of an open bus Friday afternoon.

Paul was joined by social media personality KSI to collaborate on the energy drink promotion.

The bus pulled up outside an Asda store with thousands of fans gathered around to get a look. KSI threw up a rockstar sign at the crowd, and the two proceeded to get the group to chant various sayings.

The influencer duo was set to host a meet-and-greet at Leyton and Watford Asda stores, where they were to hand out merchandise and drinks but were forced to cancel it after massive crowds showed up at both locations.

Paul is no stranger to huge crowds showing up for him globally.

When FAME brought Logan Paul to Dubai, 200,000 people showed up, marking it the biggest meet-and-greet in the world while shutting down the biggest mall in the world.

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