Logan Paul’s BIG Reveal – Pokemon Card Gold or Complete Scam?!

Popularly controversial and unfiltered Youtube star, Logan Paul, recently splurged on a $3.5M case of Pokemon Cards on eBay. A huge price tag for a piece of Pokemon history. However, the authenticity of these cards are in question as red flags have led to speculation whether they are real or fake.

Initially, the Pokemon Card Base Set case was first seen on Canada’s eBay website, posted by seller “number1pokemonmaster.” People had the opportunity to bid on the original cards over a duration of 10 days. This posting set off red flags for many in the Pokemon Card community. Some of the red flags included the very minimal feedback and review on the seller’s page, significant spelling and grammatical errors on the posting, and the seller changing his username immediately prior to the auction going live.

Now the cards are in Logan Paul’s hands. On January 10, 2022, Logan Paul was out to dinner at BOA steakhouse in West Hollywood, dining in decadence prior to traveling to Chicago for the reveal of whether his Pokemon cards are real or fake.

January 10, 2022 – Logan Paul dines at BOA Steakhouse with Jake Paul, Julia Rose, Youtube rapper KSI and various other friends. Dining in style as this is his final dinner before jet-setting to Chicago to uncover the authenticity of his $3.5M Pokemon Cards.

Three days later, Logan Paul has teased and finally brought us the reveal of the legitimacy of his cards. Posting on Youtube today, January 13, 2022, Logan shares a cinematic road leading to the Chicago’s unboxing and unveiling.

As they sip over wine, they dramatically build up to the final determination, using an authentic Pokemon card box as reference.

And finally, THE VERDICT…

Logan grips his hat, puts down his wine, and crosses his arms as he says, “It’s f***ing fake, bro.”

Genuine Pokemon card history, unfortunately, was not secured by Logan, and now, he is out $3.5M dollars.

How will he get his money back? The story his unfinished as we see what lengths the IMPAULSIVE podcast host will go to get his massive refund.

Written by Alyssa G.

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