Nikita Dragun Accused of Blackfishing by Former Friend, Larray

TikTok star Larray, known for his comedic and controversial videos, confronted his long-time friend, Nikita Dragun, Instagram makeup and social media personality, on Netflix’s Hype House reality show, calling Nikita ignorant and accusing her of blackfishing. Larray has expressed that he feels that by association, he is losing followers and value being connected with Nikita. In response to Larray, Nikita seemed to be receptive and apologized on the episode of the Hype House, thanking Larray for his perspective. Not only was that a focal point of drama on the show, Larray also made viewers aware, on his YouTube channel, that producers manufactured a false story about Larray cavalierly attending parties while testing positive for Covid-19. According to Larray, this was a produced storyline, as he has spoken out explaining that was not the case. We have yet to hear from Nikita, but Larray is currently on the outs with the Hype House, and the truth has yet to unravel before the world. A global audience is patiently waiting to see what happens next.

Written by Alyssa G.


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