Plus-Size Influencer Slams Delta Over Seatbelt Length

Plus-size model Remi Bader is going viral on TikTok after shaming Delta for having short seatbelts. In a video she posted to the platform, Bader shows her 2.1 million followers the seatbelt failing to fit around her waist with the caption, “Delta, figure it out!”


And no I shouldn’t need to ask for an extender. It should just be easy! @delta

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She captioned the video, “And no I shouldn’t need to ask for an extender. It should just be easy! @delta.”

People in the comments are coming to her defense. One defender said, “YES WHY IS ASKING FOR AN EXTENDER EVEN A THING JUST MAKE THE BELTS MORE ACCOMMODATING.”

This isn’t the first time the model and influencer criticized the airline. In October 2021, she posted a TikTok to point out something was different about the seat belts.

“I’ve always loved Delta, it’s my No. 1 airline,” she said. “But their new planes have way shorter seat belts.… I went to put my seat belt on, and it legitimately did not go around my body.”


@delta this is for you!

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According to The Points Guy, Delta’s seat belt length is 40 to 45 inches, putting the airline on the shorter end of the spectrum. In comparison, American Airlines’ seatbelts are 45 to 47 inches.

“This was the first time in my life I took off without a seat belt,” Bader continued in the video. “I really felt embarrassed in the moment and just thinking, ‘OK, wow, there’s clearly something wrong with me.'”

Bader is a leader in the body positivity space, hopefully, with her help, airlines can be more accommodating to the needs of their passengers.

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