TikTok Star Nikita Dragun Reveals Her Bipolar Diagnosis

Trans TikTok star Nikita Dragun is speaking candidly about her mental health.

The influencer shared a new video on YouTube titled “What Happened,” where she discusses being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Last year, Dragun experienced a manic episode that put her in the hospital.

“This is one of the hardest things for me to talk about,” she began. “In some ways, I feel guilty for feeling this way. Today, I would like to share that I am bipolar and it feels really great to say that.”

Nikita explains her first manic episode happened around six months ago. At the time, she moved back to Virginia with her family and relived her childhood trauma.

“It led to, on Thanksgiving, me walking out of the house by myself freezing, in a dress and stripper heels. There’s another moment I won’t get into, but like an altercation happened and I ended up in a police car. I got brough to a hospital. I had to be evaluated from head-to-toe and I was placed under a detaining order, which basically means you’re a threat to yourself or other people.”

After that incident, she was admitted to a behavioral health center for eight days. She shared moments of what she was experiencing on Instagram.

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