TikTokers Think Addison Rae’s ‘Body Positivity’ Dolls Are “Super Creepy”

On June 29, a TikTok user uploaded a video showing two Addison Rae-inspired dolls they found at Walmart. Bonkers Toys released the dolls.

The video notes that one doll is “inspired by body positivity,” which “one of Addison’s major initiatives is supporting body positivity, and addressing some of the ways that body image influences mental health and well-being. Having a healthy body image plays a role in how people feel about their appearance and even how they judge their self-worth.”

After the video was posted, TikTok users were divided in the comment section, many claiming Addison and the dolls look “nothing alike.”

As for the dislike, one user said, “I’m terrified.” Another user expressed the dolls were “super creepy.”

On the positive side, other users were excited about the toys. “I want them!,” one user said. Another added, “What y’all talking about it looks just like her lmao.”

Addison Rae has been one of the biggest stars on TikTok since 2019. Currently, she is the fourth most followed person on the platform.

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