Too Hot to Handle Star Emily Miller In Recovery After Ectopic Pregnancy

On June 7, Too Hot to Handle Star Emily Miller was rushed to the emergency room after collapsing during a shopping trip.

Miller had an ectopic pregnancy which required immediate surgery to remove one of her Fallopian tubes. The embryo was implanted in her tube instead of her uterus, which is a life-threatening emergency.

On June 10, Miller shared photos on Instagram to update her fans.

“So a few weeks ago I discovered I was pregnant. Although it was a shock it was something I was also quite excited about. However on Tuesday I collapsed whilst being at the shops. I cannot even describe to you the pain- it felt like my whole stomach was collapsing and was quickly rushed to hospital.”

Miller added, “I waited in A&E until 3pm the next day, when I finally got my scan. As I laid on the table squeezing Cams hand the 2 nurses were so silent. I asked if everything is ok and she replied ‘I’m just going to get my colleague for a second opinion’ as the 3 nurses gathered round it was then they confirmed I had something called an ectopic pregnancy.”

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