Weight Loss Influencer Lexi Reed Is In The Hospital Unable To Walk

Lexi Reed, the influencer who became famous after she lost over 300 pounds, is back in the hospital.

The weight loss influencer posted to her Instagram Story two weeks ago to share that she was finally off dialysis after two months. But as of Monday, April 4, she is back in the hospital with severe stomach and leg pain.

“Not how I wanted to spend my Monday 😭,” Reed, 31, shared to Instagram. “Been in pain the last two weeks with my legs and stomach & it’s not getting better so here we are 😫.”

An hour later, Reed delivered an update from her hospital bed.

“Unfortunately, here we go again,” she said, referencing the month she spent in the hospital in January 2022. “Gonna get some answers. Basically, I’m having really hard knots in my stomach that have been getting worse. My legs are really heavy, and they hurt really bad. And I’ve had a temperature of over 101 since Thursday that we’ve been trying to keep down with acetaminophen (Tylenol).”

Reed continued to share that she cannot walk independently due to her leg pain getting worse in the past two weeks.

The influencer first went to the hospital on January 20 after not being able to keep food down for four days. After she arrived, her blood sugar dropped, and her organs began to fail. She was put on a ventilator and placed in a medically induced coma.

After one month in the hospital, Reed was able to go home but was prescribed dialysis three times a week due to kidney failure. On March 21, Reed was told her kidneys were improving and could stop the treatment. Now, only two weeks later, her health concerns are back.

“We’re just ready for some answers,” she said. “Ready for all this to be over. Ready to be healthy and in the gym. I just haven’t said a lot in the last two weeks because I was hoping I would get better, and here we are. So, positive prayers, thank you.”

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