Celebrity Chef and Owner Craig Susser Believes the World is Going in the Direction of Cryptocurrency!

Celebrity chef and owner, Craig Susser, was seen with comedian friend, Jeff Ross, outside his restaurant Craig’s, where he engaged with restaurant guests and answered some paparazzi questions.

Photo by Elizabeth Daniels 8/12

His restaurant is known as the place where A-list celebrities as well as anyone willing to have a good time, come to enjoy great food and atmosphere in the West Hollywood.

Rick Mendoza of the Fame.News team asked the esteemed chef, “Would you ever accept cryptocurrency for food?”

Craig responded very straightforwardly, “I think eventually we’re all going to have to.”

The chef playfully and charmingly joked with guests. A very charismatic entrepreneur, no wonder the guests are excited to dine and enjoy an evening at Craig’s.

Check out the buzz as Susser boasts one of the hottest spots in West Hollywood.

Written by Alyssa G.

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