Dior Used K-Pop Star Kisoo To Promote New Lipstick

Dior is using K-pop star Jisoo as well as WhatsApp and Instagram to gain new customers.

The brand launched the campaign giving @diorbeauty’s 9.6 million Instagram followers access to exclusive content and conversation with Jisoo via WhatsApp.

On May 4, Dior published a link to Instagram that took users to Jisoo’s “exclusive WhatsApp group.” They were then forwarded to a site where they could connect with a Jisoo chatbot.

Users could then select various content to receive, including themed video clips to behind the scenes of Jisoo acting as a brand ambassador for Dior.

While talking on WhatsApp, users were also sent out links to the new Dior Addict sparkle lipstick and given access to the new brand Instagram filter.

Jisoo, who is part of the K-pop group Blackpink, authorized the deal in March. The project has already pulled in hundreds of thousands of individuals.

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