Tom Brady Cries While Talking About His Children and Relationship With His Father

In a new interview for his ESPN show, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady got emotional and broke into tears while discussing his bond with his father and his own experience being a dad to his three children.

In episode 10 of Man in the Arena: Tom Brady, which aired on April 25, Brady opened up about his children and relationship with his father.

“There’s a big commitment that your parents make, and my dad made every commitment to me that was, you know, an amazing dad,” he said. “There was never a moment where he didn’t have time to support what I wanted to do and try to achieve because it’s a hard thing to do.”

Further in the episode, Brady discussed parenting his children, Benjamin, 12, Vivian, 9, and Jack, 14.

“I’m 44. I’ve got a family that I’m a dad to some amazing children,” he said with tears in his eyes. “When I think about being a dad, I think about him because of what my dad meant to me, and I know I’m not as good a dad to my kids that my dad’s been to me. And I use them as my example as to how to keep a family together and to care and to support and to love.”

He continued, “We want our kids to be happy. I want them to be respectful of people. I want them to be kind. I wanna make the world a better place.”

Brady also wants his children to learn from his experiences. 

“I think maybe what I’d wish for my children is to find something that they really love to do like I have, but I think I have taken it to an extreme too, you know?” he said. “There are imbalances in my life. And you know, I hope they don’t take things as far as I’ve taken them.”

He finished with, “I want them to experience great success in whatever they do, but there’s a torment about me that I don’t wish upon them.”

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